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free to a good home 3

wow - are you getting tired of these updates yet?

this is one is some older Halloween stuff and some art stuff.
not pictured are some bottles of blood, I have 2 I think they are a litter each.

Halloween things:
glow in the dark paint
werewolf/vampire teeth
3 things of theatrical hair
a dread wig

art stuff:
teddy bear shaped chalk
whiny the pooh color pencils
watercolor pencils
5 things of crayola water colors
a larger thing of watercolors (my first watercolors - honestly) good for beginners
2 things of note cards
a small sketch book that I bought while i was in japan. nice thick paper, but it's not smooth so I don't care for drawing on it. I have another book somewhere just like it that I would throw in too.
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free to a good home part 2

These are 2 cases I got at a church sale for 25 cents each. I really love them but they really don't get used.

the brown/red one is a normal small suitcase and the black one is a file kepper.

this is a bag of old flashblubs, mom said if you throw them on the ground they explode with light, never tried it....
there are also 2 old portable radios... They are really cool, not sure if they work.
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clearing out.

I am slowly going through every room and cleaning and making a pile of things to get rid off.
If you want anything just say so. It's free, you just have to come get it or pay for the shipping. whatever.
if not I am going to give it all to goodwill, I just thought I'd give you guys a chance.

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also this tail is for sale: 

best offer is fine. I spent a lot of time on this, so please no less then like $30-$40
It has a head that goes with it, but It's not done... I may or may not finish the head.
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cleaning out my friend's list

I removed people from my friends list.
If you got removed, I am sorry.

I removed people that never comment or talk to me anymore.

Don't take this personal, Come and talk to me if you want to be added back, prove that we are friends.

For those that are watching me without commenting on my friend's post (my only other public entry), if you can't be bother commenting and letting me know who you are then why even bother watching me? 

I am a nice person but I am a private person.

If you are trying to friend me because you like my art, please go watch me on: 

If you think I am cool and want to get to know me. Then do it somewhere else - not here - I don't friend people I don't know.
aim: cranemachinejoe
yahoo: fala_fox

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