Heather Roach, Fala (awake_till_dawn) wrote,
Heather Roach, Fala

free to a good home 3

wow - are you getting tired of these updates yet?

this is one is some older Halloween stuff and some art stuff.
not pictured are some bottles of blood, I have 2 I think they are a litter each.

Halloween things:
glow in the dark paint
werewolf/vampire teeth
3 things of theatrical hair
a dread wig

art stuff:
teddy bear shaped chalk
whiny the pooh color pencils
watercolor pencils
5 things of crayola water colors
a larger thing of watercolors (my first watercolors - honestly) good for beginners
2 things of note cards
a small sketch book that I bought while i was in japan. nice thick paper, but it's not smooth so I don't care for drawing on it. I have another book somewhere just like it that I would throw in too.
Tags: free, yard sale
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